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kid skateboarding

You’ll love How We Make Buying Beginner Skateboards for Kids Simple!

Skateboardforkids.com provides a quality package of skateboarding equipment and a complete child’s skateboard in an easy-to-purchase set. Each set includes elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, a helmet, and our high-quality complete board! Our free downloadable DVD is included and takes your child through the step-by-step basics of skateboarding. We know finding your child’s first skateboard can be difficult. We are here to make it easy!

You may be asking yourself, “How do I choose the right equipment that will fit my child just right?” Skateboard for Kids makes this first purchase easy. First, you can choose which board will best suit your child’s interests – either the Standard SFK board or the Premium SFK board. Both are made with Canadian maple wood and can be purchased in customizable colors. The skate helmets are all made specifically for skateboarding purposes, and they come in sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. Our sizing description will make choosing the right size simple. Lastly, our safety gear includes wrist, elbow, and knee pads – all in a convenient storage bag! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started:

parents are raving about skateboard for kids!

We started SkateboardforKids.com after working with Goskate.com for several years providing awesome skateboarding lessons to young people. We regularly got the question from parents “where can I buy a skateboard for my child?” Naturally we wanted to provide a solution so we started shopping around for the best equipment for getting started in skateboarding. When we launched SkateboardforKids.com it was an instant hit because no one else had a site focused solely on the beginner. Our customers constantly rave about how happy their child is with the skateboarding set. We can’t wait to hear great things from you!
“We were looking for a starter kit for our 9 year old son for his birthday and found the Skateboard for Kids website easily. The starter package was perfect – a nice board and all the safety equipment – and our son is thrilled. The service was great, too, including a call and responsive email from Nate to make sure we had what we needed.”

~Nick Bergman
“I wanted to order two skateboards and safety equipment for my grandkids for Christmas. I completely messed up the order and ended up with 5 skateboards. When we realized my mistake I sent a message one evening asking how I could return the extras. I got a phone call from Nathan Wheeler the next morning. Now that’s what I call customer service! When my son returned from his trip, he returned the boards. I had a full refund the day after UPS delivered them. Once again excellent customer service. This is certainly a company that is great to deal with.”

~Pat Goodey
“The quality is soooo much better than what I found at Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R us. Where I live, there isn’t any real skate shops. The closest quality skate shop that I found is in Nashville – 2 hours away. So thanks for helping me get good equipment for my kiddo.”

~Chastity Dotson
“We gave our 6 year old grandson the skateboard package and everything fits great! Will take some time to learn how to skate but he’s all psyched about it! Nicely built wood laminated board and the safety equipment fits very well – we got size small. Tried it out at the basketball court yesterday – he feels pretty cool and knows he has a lot of learning to do. We’ll download the video so he can get going. Thanks for a quick delivery too!”

~Patty Stevens

Introducing the One of a Kind Wipeout™ Dry Erase Penny Board

A fun mini-board for young children that comes with everything needed to color in and create custom designs on a specially designed skateboard!

Bundle Includes:

  • Wipeout Dry Erase Penny Board
  • Five Dry Erase Markers
  • Four Stencils with Various Designs
  • Safety Pads
  • High Strength Skate Helmet
wipeout dry erase penny boards