Skateboard Helmets and Pads + A Complete Skateboard – The SFK Beginner’s Timesaver Bundle

Is your child asking you about a skateboard this holiday season, but you don’t know where to start, or even worse, you think it’s too dangerous? Don’t fret, there’s nothing to worry about! We carry skateboard helmets, and pads, plus the skateboard in one convenient Bundle, called the Beginner’s Timesaver Bundle.

We understand that the process of finding a skateboard for children under the age of 10 is pretty hard because most skateboards are the standard teen to adult size. At SFK, we try to make this process as easy as humanly possible by providing sizes based on age.

Even with that being the case, you still end up having more questions than answers.

Questions like:

  • Are kids skateboards one size fits all?
  • What is a skateboard truck?
  • What size helmet should I purchase?
  • What does 52mm mean?
  • Hardware? What? Is this a computer?

I could totally answer those questions and bore you, or I could just show you an article that we created that acts as a cheat sheet of sorts that you can use to start gaining an understanding of all the terminology that comes along with skateboarding. You can check that out here.

Or, you could simply check out our Beginner’s Timesaver Bundle and get everything that you need to get your child started with skateboarding.

So you might be wondering what comes with the Beginner’s Timesaver Bundle. Let’s have a look.

Our Skateboards

Skateboard for Kids

The most important thing to understand when purchasing a real skateboard is that it is made from Canadian Maple Wood. The trucks, wheels, hardware and risers, while important, you have a little more flexibility with the type that you ultimately choose.

High-Quality Skateboard for Kids Complete Skateboard – $135 value

  • 7.5″ Pro Quality 7ply Deck Made from Canadian Maple
  • 7.5″ CORE Trucks
  • 56mm Ribbed Wheels (For Traction)
  • Quality Jessup Grip Tape
  • ABEC5 Bearings
  • Includes All Necessary Hardware & Risers
  • Perfect for ages 4 and up
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Arrives in 2-3 weeks with standard shipping
  • Comes with our How to Skate eBook – an awesome learning tool!

Our Helmets

Skateboard Helmets and Pads

If there’s one area that I have learned from experience with my four-year-old skateboarder is that you NEED to have a good great helmet. What you tend to see with most kids wearing helmets on skateboards, is that they are flopping all over the place causing more distractions and less safety.

Our Skateboard Helmets are made for skateboarding, so they fit the head in a different way, which helps avoid that wobbling that is so common. As they say, you have to pay for quality. And although you can get away with cheap in some instances, this isn’t one of them.

  • Professional Grade Impact Protection
  • Eva Foam Insert
  • Eva Foam/Poly Fabric Lining
  • ABS Outer Shell
  • High Flow/Articulated Venting System
  • S/M WT: 1.0 lbs
  • S/M Size: approximately 23″
  • Made for Skateboarding ONLY

Usual Age for Helmet and Pads Sizes

The usual ages corresponding to our sizes are an approximation only. For best-fit measure the circumference of the head of the intended helmet wearer.

Helmet Size Breakdown

  • Small: Ages 3 -6 years old
  • Medium: Ages 6-13 years old
  • Large: Older teenagers and adults


Skateboard Helmets and Pads

Our skateboarding pads use some of the strongest and most flexible materials to give your little one maximum range of motion. These pads are specifically designed for skateboarding and the types of spills that come along the way. As you can see above, our pads have that extra plastic guard to help brace impact.

  • Hard capped 600-D Abrasion Resistant Cordura
  • Easy Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • Set contains Elbow pair, Wrist pair, Knee pair
  • Drawstring Net Storage Bag

You get all this, a $175 value for only 149.99

So what are you waiting for? If you shop around and see for yourself! This is a great value any way you look at it!

Skateboarding Timesaver Bundle