Skateboard Training Product Spotlight: SkaterTrainer

Skateboard Training to learn ollies and other tricks as a beginner.

Skateboarding can be funny sometimes with some of the things you remember. Learning how to ollie is one that is commonplace when it comes to cooler talk amongst skateboarders.

Skateboard Truck Diagram

I remember this almost photographically. It was 1990 something and I was in the yard practicing ollies relentlessly. The one main problem and complaint in skateboard training is attempting to learn ollies by using the cracks in the cement to keep the board from moving. However, this never worked as intended.

One of the ways I tried to solve the problem was tightening the nuts on the axle of the trucks tight enough that the wheels could no longer move.

This led to ball bearings exploding and becoming useless. So, I just sucked it up, took my spills, and learned that way. There’s nothing wrong with learning this way, but I am sure there was a segment of those learning back then that wondered, “If I just had something that could keep the wheels from moving, this would be so much easier.”

Well, guess what? There is! Today we highlight SkaterTrainer. SkaterTrainer was established in 2013 by a man who decided after skating in childhood to step back onto a board after a 25-year break. We are going to focus on the product itself, but feel free to check out more details about this great company and its creator for yourself.

So what exactly is SkaterTrainer?

SkaterTrainer is a set of four-wheel covers that prevent the wheels from rolling, which can really help with skateboard training. Super simple, right? See for yourself.


When to start using SkaterTrainers

What you can see from the image is that the SkaterTrainers go right over the wheel. That in itself is a huge deal because unassembling the wheels to add them would be such a chore for most that it would probably lead to a flawed product. I see this as the main selling point of SkaterTrainer.

This product is perfect for those that just learned how to ride the board and can do some of the basics. Here are some milestones that you or your child should achieve before making the purchase:

  • General riding
  • Turns using the tail of the board
  • Turns using the trucks of the board
  • Ability to go up and down inclines without falling

Like they say “You have to learn how to crawl before you walk”. I find this to be the best metaphor when teaching my 4-year-old.

If you are in a situation similar to mine, you will have a 4-year-old boy that is concerned with one thing – doing tricks. Although the determination is great, much like walking, he will need to crawl before he can walk. And in this situation, ride before he can do tricks.

This becomes a lot more challenging as a parent when you yourself can do tricks, so if you can help it, leave the tricks out and focus on riding the board. They will thank you later.

Once the general balance is acquired, I highly recommend getting a pair of SkaterTrainers. Not only do I wish they were around when I was learning the ropes, I actually will be able to see for myself just how good they are.

I ordered some SkaterTrainers a couple of days ago and plan to use them not only for my son who is in learning but use them myself as well. Stay tuned for when the package arrives to see the unboxing and them being put to use, followed by a product review.

If you like the sound of SkaterTrainer and think you or your child is ready to start ripping, check out their shop page to see the official product and the other cool accessories that they offer.

Don’t have a board, pads, and a helmet yet?